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  • Amica Chips Turns to Simionato, Prefers Logic for Bagging

    by Lacy Cooper | Jan 07, 2015

    Popular Italian chip company, AMICA CHIPS, relies on Logic to meet required speeds

    AMICA CHIPS can be found anywhere and everywhere in Italy. Founded in 1990, AMICA CHIPS is based in Castiglione delle Stiviere, close to the biggest lake in Italy, Garda Lake. The company most recently purchased Simionato’s Logic 35 bagger with ATOM radial combination weigher to package a new product line of Alfredo chips; the product’s namesake is from Alfredo Moratti, one of the company’s two founders.

    Currently, AMICA CHIPS has more than 30 Simionato systems installed, with the typical combination of a double Logic bagger system integrated with RCW 8+8 Boost scales. Mr. Alfredo Moratti, President of AMICA CHIPS comments on the lasting relationship that has grown over the years, “We have been working with Simionato for 20 years and continue to rely on them today. AMICA CHIPS is one of the leaders in Italy due to our great people, products, and efficiencies. We have evaluated many types of packaging equipment technologies and have found Simionato to be the most reliable technology and service partner for us. Today we have more than 30 Simionato packaging systems running around the clock 7 days per week producing precise weight bags that look great on our customers’ shelves.”

    AMICA CHIPS has recently invested significantly in their manufacturing processes to position for the future. Product weighing and packaging is a critical part of Amica’s process. Mr. Giovanni Bruschi, Technical Director of AMICA CHIPS adds, “Our production people want nothing other than Simionato systems, given their reliability and simplicity of operation.  Simionato continues to meet our innovation needs  and I know I can rely on them for our future developments.”

    To learn more about the Logic bagger and RCW/ATOM scales, visit

  • Hayssen Flexible Systems Announces Acquisition of Schib Packaging S.r.l

    by Lacy Cooper | Nov 07, 2014

    In support of a major horizontal wrapper systems growth initiative, Hayssen Flexible Systems recently acquiredSchib Packaging S.r.l., based in Monte di Malo (Vicenza), Italy. Schib is a leading-edge company in the production of horizontal flow-wrapping machines as well as automatic feeders and automated wrapping systems.  The combined organization leverages capabilities and experiences to gain a competitive advantage in the global flexible packaging market.

    Schib Packaging began as a wrapping machinery business in 1968 and over the years has provided packaging solutions for diverse industries from food sectors such as candy, biscuit and bakery to non-food sectors including personal care, household items, and industrial components.  You can view this video to learn more about Schib’s packaging equipment portfolio. Contact Ryan Glenn for more details, or read the full press release.

  • Novus VFFS is a Fast Sell at McEntire Produce for Fresh Cut Lettuce - Video Link

    by Lacy Cooper | Sep 10, 2014

    McEntire Produce, headquartered in Columbia, SC, is a fresh produce processor, repacker and wholesaler serving the Southeast for over 70 years. McEntire Produce is always looking for ways to improve efficiency and increase speeds in their produce packaging lines to meet customer demand. After initially agreeing to be a beta testing production site for HayssenSandiacre’s Novus Produce vertical form fill seal machine, McEntire Produce has purchased the continuous motion machine for its exceptional performance.   McEntire Produce has been impressed with the Novus Produce Machine since shortly after receiving the machine. Tom Ribken, HayssenSandiacre Sales Executive, represents the southeast U.S. and worked closely with McEntire Produce from install of beta machine to purchase. Ribken comments on McEntire Produce’s decision to go with the Novus, “The wow factor happened when this bagger consistently met speeds of 55 bpm for a compressed 5lb package of shredded lettuce.  The existing baggers in the plant are not capable of attaining the Novus bpm’s while consistently maintaining package integrity.”

    McEntire’s Maintenance Manager comments, “We were looking for ways to increase speeds while maintaining clean end seals and low leaker rates. The Novus has delivered on all counts. Our business is continuing to grow and we are looking to add a second Novus combined with an Ishida scale in the near future.”

    Along with impressive speeds, the Novus Produce machine also features an independently timed stager which prevents product from contaminating end seals resulting in package leaks.  Other features include independently timed bag squeezer to compress bag size, orbital style knife and Quali-seal jaws.  HayssenSandiacre has worked with national produce companies for many years and helped to pioneer pre-washed, packaged bags of salads/lettuce.  The new Novus Produce machine joins the Ultima family of machines to further extend HayssenSandiacre’s product line which are well-suited for fresh cut produce applications.

  • imPACKED Event Set for October 13-17 in Padova, Italy at Simionato Headquarters

    by Lacy Cooper | Jun 27, 2014

    imPACKED Packaging Event is October 2014 in Padova, ItalyItaly’s largest in-house packaging machinery event will be held 13-17 October, 2014 at Simionato’s world headquarters in Padova, Italy. Conservative estimates show over 1 billion packages are produced each day on Simionato and HayssenSandiacre equipment worldwide.

    Visitors can explore the latest in VFFS packaging machines, including Simionato’s Logic system with infeed conveyor, multihead weigher, gantry, VFFS bag maker and outfeed conveyor. Various Rose Forgrove flow wrapper models and Novus continuous motion with doy/quad capabilities will also be demonstrated throughout the event.

    Many sponsors have joined the event and will be exhibiting the entire week, including ITALPROJECT casepacking and palletising, RIAS handling and coding systems, MOVINOX industrial automation and technologies for food industries, and MD BAG forming sets.

    Take this opportunity to see a wide selection of Simionato and HayssenSandiacre machinery along with many other co-exhibitors equipment in action.

    • RCW high-speed scale with Logic System
    • Fragile system
    • Frozen food high-speed complete system
    • Novus VFFS packaging machine
    • Rose Forgrove Flow Wrappers
    • Hayssensandiacre’s Unique Remanufactured Equipment Programme – equipment rebuilt and upgraded by the manufacturer “as new” and with a full warranty.

    Food Processors and Distributors can register for free online at or call Elisa Stival at +39 049 900 6 51

  • HyRoller Sanitary Upgrades Make for Cleaner Ultima Bagger

    by Lacy Cooper | May 30, 2014

    Due to the durability of Ultima baggers, many older models continue to push out bags day after day, shift after shift, with little required maintenance.  One of the few stops to be made during production is time to clean the equipment. The customer service team at HayssenSandiacre pursued development of sanitary upgrades for the Ultima as a proactive step in furthering the benefit of the most requested Ultima retrofits. Working with engineering, several upgrades have been developed so that customers can retrofit their Ultima bagger to be an easier-clean product.  The HyRoller upgrades are hermetically sealed stainless steel, combining USDA/3A food contact surfaces and external mounts for easy cleaning. Already on the market are upgrades for HyRoller Measuring Rollers and Unwind Units.  Sanitary retrofits for ball feet and bag support/eject on the Ultima are also currently being offered. For more info, you can view the pdfs for each Sanitary Ultima Upgrade, or contact customer services.

    PDF Links:
    HyRoller – Ultima Sanitary Unwind
    HyRoller – Ultima Sanitary Measuring Roller
    Ultima Sanitary Ball Feet
    Ultima Sanitary Bag Support/Eject
  • Fox's Biscuits Product Launch Requires Efficient Wrapper

    by Lacy Cooper | May 30, 2014

    Fox’s Biscuits, one of the UK’s leading biscuit manufacturers, located in Batley in the UK, has recently purchased a new Rose Forgrove Merlin HSE flow wrapper from HayssenSandiacre.

    Fox’s Biscuits, who are part of the 2 Sisters Food Group, a food manufacturer with 47 sites based throughout Europe, have been working in partnership with HayssenSandiacre on their Caffè project to assist with a new product launch. Their recently purchased Merlin HSE is currently packing Thins and Snaps in trays, through a hand-fed line. 

    Fox’s Biscuits is an existing Rose Forgrove customer, with over 5 flow wrappers on site in Batley, Leeds.

    Chris Rogers, Project Engineer at Fox’s Biscuits in Batley, explained why they opted for the Merlin HSE flow wrapper, “Partnering with Rose Forgrove for this project could not have gone more smoothly. The installation was carried out professionally, efficiently and on time. HayssenSandiacre promised us a machine on a short lead time. This was essential to enable us to meet consumer demand and the launch of our new product.”

    According to Chris Rogers, having the opportunity to utilise HayssenSandiacre’s well-equipped technology centre was a key factor in deciding on pack specification. “HayssenSandiacre assisted with all initial products and packaging trials, ensuring a high seal integrity.”

    Fox’s Biscuits Merlin HSE is producing packs at a throughput of approximately 70 packs per minute.
  • Walkers NonSuch Purchases New Rose Forgrove Flow Wrapper at Impacked Event

    by Lacy Cooper | May 23, 2014
    Existing customer, Walkers NonSuch has purchased their second Rose Forgrove flow wrapper in the space of a few months at HayssenSandiacre’s in-house packaging event.  Walkers NonSuch, a family-owned business based in Stoke-on-Trent in the UK, produces an assortment of toffee sweets and bars, sold in over 35 countries worldwide.

    Prior to imPACKED 2013, Walkers NonSuch purchased a Rose Forgrove Merlin HSE flow wrapper to replace an existing mechanical Merlin and thereby increase their production rates. Walkers NonSuch was so impressed with the efficiency of the Merlin and the quality of the packs produced, that they attended the imPACKED 2013 show, with the intention of purchasing the Merlin exhibition machine.

    Ed Walker, Director of Production at Walkers NonSuch, explained his decision to purchase another flow wrapper, “We have been customers of HayssenSandiacre for many years now, so when we decided to update our packaging machinery it was an obvious choice to buy the Merlin. The Merlin is an extremely reliable flow wrapper and has always produced high quality packs. When we were offered the latest Merlin HSE on a short lead time from the show, we did not hesitate to take up the offer.”

    The next imPACKED event will be held Oct 13-17, 2014 in Venice, Italy at Simionato’s World Headquarters.
  • Lion Dairy "Stands" Above Competition with New Quad Zip Package for Cheese Shreds

    by Lacy Cooper | Mar 11, 2014

    Lion Dairy & Drinks has just recently installed a Novus 350 in their cheese packaging facility in Allansford, Victoria, Australia. This customized form fill seal bagger forms a Quad stand-up package with re-closeable zipper using continuous motion sealing technology.  Lion’s dairy portfolio includes market leading brands across the, milk, juice, cheese, dairy products and soy categories, and four out of the top 25 grocery brands in Australia. Lion’s cheese brands include Coon, Cracker Barrel and Millel, sold in retail supermarkets.

    The Novus 350 Quad bagger is key for packaging two different product offerings from Lion; one is a mozzarella & cheddar mix with re-closeable zipper in 250g and 500g stand-up quad packages. Lion also packages single serve cheese for pizza toppings in a 125g package. The Quad stand-up package will differentiate their brands among store competition. Michael Murphy, Engineering Leader at Lion’s facility, comments on their choice of the Novus VFFS system, “We have a long-standing relationship with HayssenSandiacre and had full confidence in their ability to deliver this not-so-simple application for our new cheese product introductions.”

    This site had also purchased a Hayssen Servo Ultima vffs with combination scale for their bulk shred line and (2) RT horizontal form fill seal wrappers with reclose from HayssenSandiacre in recent years. This facility has multiple RT hffs systems in operation for over 20 years.

    Gordon Wood, Australian Sales Manager for HayssenSandiacre adds, “We have been proud to support Lion with their previous projects in packaging cheese on our horizontal RT systems and I am excited for the growth of their brands.  Our offerings for VFFS mean that we can provide Lion with future-proof systems that package a wide range, from single serve cheese packs to large format foodservice bags.”

  • HayssenSandiacre Exhibiting at ICTE Cheese Expo, April 22-24, Milwaukee

    by Lacy Cooper | Feb 18, 2014

    2014 International Cheese Technology Exposition

    April 22-24, 2014 | Wisconsin Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    HayssenSandiacre will be in Booth 645, with information on latest packaging technologies.

    Hosted by Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research and Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association


    In even-numbered years, Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association and Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research host cheese manufacturers and suppliers from across the nation and around the world.  The International Cheese Technology Exposition is an intensive combination of morning seminars, two full afternoons of uninterrupted trade show exposition and evening social affairs.  It is the world’s largest gathering devoted solely to the multi-billion dollar market for cheese and related dairy products.

  • New Video: Rose Forgrove Flow Wrapper for Bakery Products

    by Lacy Cooper | Feb 18, 2014

    Do you need a wrapper that can accommodate a wide range of product sizes? The Rose Forgrove Merlin can handle it!  Check out this video demonstrating a Merlin flow wrapper packaging large sandwiches with easy changeover to small pastries and biscuits.

  • HayssenSandiacre Supporting Ishida at Open House Show in Dubai - VIDEO DEMO

    by Lacy Cooper | Feb 18, 2014

    We are pleased to announce that HayssenSandiacre will be exhibiting at Ishida’s open house event from 23rd to 28th February in Dubai.

    If you are attending the Gulfood show, why not come along and see both HayssenSandiacre and Ishida equipment in action? In the meantime, check out this video of Ishida CCW integrated with Hayssen Novus, packaging IQF chicken.

    Ishida will be demonstrating their new RV CCW multihead weigher, working in conjunction with HayssenSandiacre’s Novus 350 pillow pack machine. This particular system is ideal for IQF (Frozen Food) applications, due to its waterproof qualities, stainless steel construction, robustness and dependability. Ishida’s equipment and HayssenSandiacre’s Novus can be used for a variety of applications, like snacks, IQF products, powders, confectionery and fresh produce.

    This exciting open house event, which will be held at Ishida’s Dubai office in the Dubai Airport Freezone (DAFZA), will feature a variety of high quality equipment, such as Ishida’s X-Ray and Check-weigher.

    Please contact us for any further information or to arrange a visit to Ishida’s open house. We look forward to seeing you there!
  • Preview Video of Logic VFFS - Booth 709 at NWFPA

    by Lacy Cooper | Dec 20, 2013

    The Annual NW Food Manufacturing & Packaging Expo is the largest regional food manufacturing trade show in North America and you should be there!


    HayssenSandiacre is proud to be exhibiting our Logic VFFS bagger in BOOTH 709.
    Use our exclusive VIP Food Processor Code (for food processors only) to claim your complimentary Expo Hall Pass. Simply click this link, then select the FOOD PROCESSOR registration type and enter the following code to attend on us!

    Use Invitation Code:   PROCESSORVIP709

  • Video: Rose Forgrove Merlin Used For Packaging Single Serve Dates

    by Lacy Cooper | Dec 20, 2013
    Check out a recent Rose Forgrove project for packaging individual dates. Rose Forgrove has a long reputation in the bakery industry, but these flow wrappers are also well received in industries such as wet wipe, fresh produce, medical, cheese and more.  We’d love to invite you to our new technology center in either the U.K. or U.S. to demo Rose Forgrove capabilities for your product. Contact for more info.
  • N&C Building Products Use Logic VFFS System To Pack Tile Grout

    by Lacy Cooper | Dec 20, 2013
    N&C Building Products based in Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire, produces various Nicobond products for the building trade in the UK. Nicholls and Clarke is currently using an integrated Simionato Logic system, complete with 2 augers to pack their brand of tile grout. N&C is a long established builder’s merchant, established in 1875, and now provides over 60,000 building products to various trade professionals around the UK.

    The Logic intermittent motion packaging machine is highly flexible and can pack a range of bag types, such as doy, quad pack and pillow pack. N&C Building Products’ packaging line system has been installed with a twin auger feed system with supporting gantry, which has been specifically designed to fit their unique requirements. For this particular system, both augers load two different types of grout, which produce a bag with mixed product. The system is capable of mixing two different products of specific weights, with the option to pack either one or two products.

    Michelle Crayton, Production Manager at N&C Building Products, explained their recent purchase, “We decided to purchase the Simionato system because we were looking for a machine suitable for our packaging requirements that would fit in our budget. We are confident that we will always have great support.”

    N&C Building Products’ Simionato system is currently packing 1kg, 2.5kg, 5kg and 10kg block bottom bags of tile grout in various colours in their factory in Stoke-on-Trent.
  • Giant Snacks Expands Packaging Line With Addition of Novus VFFS Bagging Machine

    by Lacy Cooper | Dec 03, 2013

    Giant Snacks of Wahpeton, North Dakota prides itself in offering the largest (hence the name ‘Giant Snacks’) sunflower seeds for its customer base. Specializing in roasting and packaging high-quality in-shell sunflower seeds, in-shell pumpkin seeds, and corn snacks, Giant Snacks offers multiple flavors including Dill, Salt & Pepper, Bacon Ranch and Kettle Roast (a lower sodium sweet flavor). Sunflower seeds are sold to consumers in 3-oz, 5-oz, 5.75-oz, 9-oz and 12-oz with easy resealable pour spout bag sizes.

    To process and package more than 3.5 million pounds of sunflower seeds each year, Giant Snacks operates two twelve-hour shifts, five days a week. Working with HayssenSandiacre, Giant Snacks recently purchased a Novus VFFS bagger to expand their packaging line. Giant Snacks previously purchased Ultima VFFS systems for their products and are happy with the performance and durability. This led them to look at HayssenSandiacre’s newest model, the Novus continuous motion bagger to increase throughput speeds.

    “Quality assurance is important throughout the production process to make sure shells are not broken or dirty, are firm and do not have a limp texture. All packages are nitrogen flushed to assure shelf freshness,” says Al Engstrom, Giant Snacks plant manager. Just as quality is important in selecting and packaging the seeds, fully automating its five integrated packaging lines was a priority to increase productivity.

    Sunflower seeds are fed into Yamato series scales as part of the HayssenSandiacre Ultima ST form-fill-seal machines or the Novus continuous motion form-fill-seal. After sealing, the package runs through a metal detector, followed by robotic pick and place case packer. The cases are bar coded with the product type, size, date code, time packed and who packed it. Cases are then sealed and distributed all over the U.S.

    HayssenSandiacre is proud to be part of Giant Snacks’ operations as they continue to grow. The exceptional taste of Giant sunflower seeds goes back to 1958, when Bob Schuler began selecting the best-tasting sunflowers for his customers. Dedication to quality is still top-priority and Giant Snacks remains a family-owned company.

  • Pinguin Foods Develops New Pillow Pack With Zip Utilizing Novus VFFS

    by Lacy Cooper | Nov 21, 2013

    Pinguin Foods is now producing their new pillow pack with zip using HayssenSandiacre's VFFS Novus

    Pinguin Foods is a producer of IQF vegetables, with thirteen production sites, primarily situated throughout Europe with the UK site being based in King’s Lynn, Norfolk. Pinguin’s frozen vegetables can be found in many of the leading supermarkets in the UK.

    The pillow pack with zip is a more consumer friendly way of storing IQF peas, as the pack can be opened and closed easier than the standard pillow pack. For bigger bags of IQF peas, this helps to ensure that there is less wastage when storing in the freezer.

    HayssenSandiacre was able to offer an integrated transverse zip applicator on their Novus machine, which could very easily switch between the pillow pack and pillow pack with zip option. Despite the complexity of the pillow pack with zip, the speed of the pillow pack with zip is similar to that of the standard pillow pack. 
    Paul Spurrell, Engineering Manager at Pinguin Foods in the UK described HayssenSandiacre as being a great partner in the development of this new pack format.

    “HayssenSandiacre have been fantastic to work with right through the order process from zip selection to the site support for our customer trials. One major benefit is that our overall line speed has not been compromised with the introduction of the zip, as we have been able to maintain our bag maker speed.”

    Pinguin Foods is currently packing their bags of IQF peas of weights ranging from 750g up to 1.81kg on the Novus 350TZA (Transverse zip applicator) continuous motion packaging machine.
  • Milestone: Over 1,000 LinkedIn Followers

    by Lacy Cooper | Nov 21, 2013
    HayssenSandiacre has managed to achieve an outstanding following on LinkedIn of over 1,000 followers. Our LinkedIn page shares HayssenSandiacre news regularly and features links to videos, as well as Truly Human Leadership stories.  Thank you to our followers! We are delighted to see that we are reaching such a large audience with our updates! If you wish to follow us on LinkedIn, please click here.
  • Alifrut Chooses Logic VFFS System for Frozen Products

    by Lacy Cooper | Nov 21, 2013

    Alimentos Y Frutos, in Chile, continues its growth by choosing the Simionato range of solutions to package frozen and fragile products.

    Alifrut S.A has the highest production capacity for frozen vegetables and fruits of any company in Latin America and is currently the largest exporter of store brands for retail in America, Europe and the East. Alifrut also boasts the country’s largest cold storage capacity (-18°).

    Alifrut’s quality products are packed with Simionato systems, inclusive of multihead scales (RCW 16B-21 and RCW Fragile) as well as vertical form fill seal baggers ( Logic Brushless and Inclined Logic). These are just a few of the machines used in the 6 Alifrut plants around Chile. The complete automatic vertical systems include highly-hygienic conveyors systems, multihead scales for frozen environments, metal detectors and baggers producing poly packs ranging from 200g to 2500g.

    Alifrut chose Simionato for the high speeds and leading-edge packaging technology.

  • Pipers Crisp Co. Purchases Novus 250 to Increase Packaging Speeds

    by Lacy Cooper | Nov 21, 2013
    Existing HayssenSandiacre customer, Pipers Crisp Co. has purchased a new Novus 250 to increase packing speeds
    Hayssen has recently sold a Novus packaging machine to Pipers Crisp Co. located in Brigg, North Lincolnshire in the UK. Pipers Crisp Co., who produces premium crisps, was looking to increase their packing speed in order to meet increasing consumer demand. The Novus 250 continuous motion packaging machine offers this application speeds of up to 100 packs per minute with a long seal dwell time, ensuring a high seal integrity for Pipers’ high quality packaging material.

    Pipers Crisp Co. was particularly impressed by Hayssen’s ability to consisently produce quality packs and seal integrity. Pipers Crisp Co. has been using Hayssen’s TG intermittent motion machine for many years and has always been satisfied by the reliability of the machine and the quality of bags it produces. The Novus 250 offers great flexibility for producing a variety of pack styles, such as pillow, doy and quad packs.

    Shaun Watson, Operations Manager at Pipers Crisp Co. explains further, “We have been packing our crisps using the Hayssen TG250 for many years. Our TG250 is so reliable, that it is commonly referred to around the factory as the factory work horse.”

    “We needed to increase the speed at which our products were being packed, so we decided to purchase the Novus 250. The fact that the Novus is a low maintenance machine and that we can receive customer services’ support locally from both HayssenSandiacre’s Nottingham and Thetford based offices were key factors in our decision.”

    Pipers Crisp Co. is packing their variety of crisps at rates of between 85 – 100 packs per minute
  • Automation at Goya Supports Growing Bean Business

    by Lacy Cooper | Aug 07, 2013

    A new Miami FL, distribution center and dry-bean packing facility produces 1 million cases of bagged beans per year using three fully automated packaging lines. 

    The premier source for authentic Latino cuisine, family-owned Goya Foods was established in 1936 in lower Manhattan, NY, by Don Prudencio Unanue and his wife, Carolina, both from Spain, as a distributor of olives, olive oil and sardines. Today, the company is the largest Hispanic owned food company in the United States, with 16 facilities in the U.S., Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Spain, and a product line of 2,000 SKUs.

    One of the secrets to Goya’s success, Unanue reveals, is the company’s investment in equipment and automation.

    Goya recently broke ground on a new Miami facility to accommodate the company’s growth in Florida, driven both by new people coming into the area and by consumers’ growing willingness to try new foods and flavours. Says Goya Foods of Florida, Director of Operations, Development and Manufacturing Angel Portuondo, “Our sales have been growing every year.”

    To address speed, Goya selected the HayssenSandiacre Ultima ST intermittent motion VFFS machine, which has a top-rated output of 100bpm. At Goya, Line 1 alternates between 24oz and 4lb bags; Lines 2 and 3 handle 12 and 14oz bag sizes. According to Portuondo, the baggers run at speeds from 90 to 92bpm for the smaller sizes at 55bpm for the larger sizes. Compared with the speeds formerly achieved by Goya using its old equipment, the higher output of the new machines translates to an extra 500 cases per line, per shift. On the Hayssen VFFS machine, a volumetric feeder measures out the appropriate amount of beans, which are dumped into the formed bags. Prior to forming, bag rollstock is printed by a thermal transfer overprinter with the manufacturing date, best-by date and expiration date.

    In the dry-bean packing room, three packaging lines produce up to 1 million cases of beans per year over one shift, with the ability to expand to 3 million.